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To prescribe JUXTAPID®, healthcare professionals must be certified in the JUXTAPID Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS).

Prescriber certification is a 3-step process:



to counsel each new patient on the risk of hepatotoxicity and the need for baseline and periodic monitoring using the Patient Guide. Complete a Patient-Prescriber Acknowledgement Form with each patient

How do I obtain Juxtapid for my patient?

Am I certified in the Juxtapid REMS?


I should:

  • Review the JUXTAPID Prescribing Information and the Fact Sheet
  • Complete the online Prescriber Training Module including the Knowledge Assessment
  • Upon completion, download the Training Completion document provided at the end of the training module
  • Complete the Prescriber Enrollment Form:
    • You may fill in the form online, then print it;
    • or print it, then manually input the data into all fields.
    • Sign the completed form and submit it with the Training Completion document
  • You will be notified by the REMS call center of your certification within one business day.
  • Once certified, proceed as per the “yes” options.


Is this a new patient?

I should:

Is this an established patient who is already enrolled in the Juxtapid REMS?

I should:

Additional Program Resources

For additional information about JUXTAPID REMS, please call 1-85-JUXTAPID (1-855-898-2743)